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Formerly known as B2BWritingSuccess.com, B2B Writers International is a Division of American Writers & Artists Institute (AWAI), a leading publisher of copywriting and content writing training programs and support. Since 1997, AWAI has been the springboard for countless thriving writing careers, including thousands of professional B2B writers working as freelancers and in-house staff writers.

Now, 10 years since our B2B-focused launch, we’ve re-branded as B2B Writers International to reflect our global B2B writing community and to continue providing world-class training on an ever-expanding scope of B2B writing opportunities.

Count on us to deliver practical, real-world guidance from experienced B2B writing professionals

Meet the core team behind B2B Writers International, working with B2B clients every day.

Lisa Christofel

Lisa Christoffel

Managing Editor / B2B Writer since 2016

Lisa started her career in the corporate world but decided after 25 years she needed a change. She found copywriting in 2015 and settled into B2B writing in 2016 with B2B SaaS clients and B2B training clients. In 2019, she began writing B2B copy for her corporate employer, Eastman Kodak Company as well. Eventually, Lisa decided to focus on the training and education niche as it was such a natural fit. She spent over 20 years volunteering in NYS PTA and believes education and training are the keys to people being able to achieve their dreams.

Pam Foster

Pam Foster

Training Advisor and AWAI Learning Chief
B2B Writer since 1984

Pam is a big fan of B2B writing. Over nearly 40 years as a professional writer, she has worked with a wide range of B2B companies and agencies. Her client list includes Bangor Hydro-Electric Company, Trustworthy Hardware, Bath Iron Works, IDEXX, LCG Clinical Diagnostics, LifeLock Business Solutions, National Semiconductor, the NAVC (North American Veterinary Community), Springer-Verlag Science & Business Media, Today’s Veterinary Business, and dozens of veterinary B2B companies selling equipment, software, pharmaceuticals, and many other animal-health offerings. Pam loves championing other writers, and she lives “the writer’s life” dividing her time between Maine and North Carolina.

Steve Slaunwhite

Steve Slaunwhite

Faculty Advisor and Instructor
B2B Writer since 1994

Steve is an award-winning B2B copywriter and trainer with 20+ years of experience. He has written thousands of marketing pieces for more than 100 companies. (He types fast!) He also runs his popular B2B copywriting workshops for in-house marketing teams. Steve’s excited to be teaching courses here at B2B Writers International. He’s the author of The Everything Guide To Writing Copy (Simon & Schuster) and the proud recipient of AWAI’s 2016 Copywriter Of The Year. When he isn’t writing or teaching, Steve is a classic suburbanite and enjoys cycling, hiking, and hanging out at cafés.

In addition, B2B Writers International is delighted to have a team of regular B2B columnists who cover the growing world of B2B writing skills and opportunities. Meet our contributors. And, each of the programs in our B2B writer training catalog has been created by a B2B writing expert.