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30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

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Welcome to this second and final part of the 30-day LinkedIn marketing challenge. If you’ve followed Part 1, congratulations on reaching the halfway mark! The aim behind this challenge is to help freelance writers embark on their LinkedIn marketing journey with clarity and motivation.

In the first 15 days, you optimized your LinkedIn profile, made your first post, and started building your LinkedIn network intentionally. You are doing SO well.

Now it’s time for the second 15 days. Onward we go!

Day 16

Expand One Experience with Storytelling

Today, let’s transform one of your Experiences. Wave goodbye to a bland Experience and infuse it with awe using storytelling. Give this article a read and work on one Experience today.

Day 17

Write Your Next Post and Publish

You’re getting in the groove! Choose a content bucket and craft your next post. Share behind-the-scenes of your business or detail your process of delivering a service. Right now, your main priority is to get comfortable putting yourself out there. Feeling bold? Experiment with a LinkedIn poll.

(Optional) Read this article for 8 LinkedIn post examples for inbound leads.

30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

Day 18

Direct Message Five Peers

Time to connect with your fellow writer friends! LinkedIn is all about connections and collaboration, and the freelance writers’ community is an incredible powerhouse of support and motivation. Writers share referrals, talk about their struggles, and celebrate each other’s wins.

So today, reach out to five freelance copywriters. Break the ice with a question or compliment. Ask what interesting projects they’ve been working on and share how work’s going for you.

Day 19

Connect with Industry Influencers

Did you know Day 19 of any habit-building is called Quitter’s Day?

Well, not for you. Look at you go!

I’m sure there are content marketers, freelance writers, or copywriters you admire for their work. It’s time to share your genuine admiration of their work and express your desire to learn from them and collaborate with them. Connect with five industry influencers today. Here’s what to say:

“Hi <name>, I’ve been following your work for a long time. I specifically loved the piece you wrote for <mention a piece they have written>. I’d love to stay in touch with you here. And if you’re ever looking for a copywriter to outsource to, I’d love to collaborate with you.”

Day 20

Build Your Content Inspiration Bank

Your LinkedIn feed is a gold mine of content ideas. Seeing what others are posting/talking about can help you derive creative inspiration when you’re running low.

Scroll on your feed and save posts that catch your eye. Look for unique post structures, enticing hooks, or captivating subject matters. For instance, I like this post for how punchy yet value-packed it is. And I’d love to recreate it for my own business.

30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

Day 21

Make a List of 10 Prospects

Search your ideal companies/people on LinkedIn by typing in keywords like content manager, marketing manager, content marketing executive, etc. Next, click on the People tab.

Narrow down search results by location, industry, current company, past company, etc. Shortlist 10 prospects you want to work with and press the bell on their profiles. That’s it for today!

30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

You’re doing awesome. Chances are your ideal clients have started noticing you!

Day 22

Connect with Your Prospects

Send a personalized connection request to the prospects you shortlisted the other day. Consider it as a welcome message instead of an unwanted cold pitch. You never know, your prospects may be looking for a writer.

“Hi <name>, do you engage freelance writers at your org? I specialize in <industry> and offer <services> to companies such as <past clients>. I’d love to connect with you either way.”

If you aren’t comfortable being so direct, simply introduce yourselves without asking for collaboration.

Day 23

Comment on Your Prospects’ Posts

As you pressed the bell on your prospects’ profiles the other day, you’ll get notified whenever they post. Engage with their content today and stay top-of-mind. Leave thoughtful comments, share insights, or even drop a GIF for a touch of fun.

Day 24

Write Your Next Post and Publish

By now, you have a good idea of your content’s direction and a bank of saved posts you can use to write your own. So, pick a content bucket and write your next post with the goal of making it save-worthy. Add so much actionable value that your audience wants to save it for later reference.

Explore this piece to Craft your Own Inspiring Posts Using 5 LinkedIn Examples.

Day 25

Endorse 10 People’s Skills

By now, you’re engaging with your peers and prosp

ects on LinkedIn. If you’re impressed by someone’s content or work, endorse their top five skills. They will get notified when you do. Start a conversation when they thank you for the endorsement. Maybe you’ll receive a few endorsements in return!

30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

Day 26

Request LinkedIn Recommendations

LinkedIn recommendations can be the secret sauce to attract and convert your future clients. Fill up the section with testimonials from current and former clients that help build trust with prospects.

Use this template to ask for recommendations:

“Hi <name>, I’ve been enjoying my collaboration with you. Could you write me a LinkedIn recommendation? I’d highly appreciate that as I build my LinkedIn presence and show my experience with companies like yours.”

Day 27

Comment on Five Posts

Today, find five posts to comment on under hashtags of your choice. For example, if you’re a content writer, you can search #content, #contentmarketing, or #contentstrategy on LinkedIn and then choose the Posts tab to see all the content under that hashtag. Challenge yourself to leave comments that forward the narrative in the post.

30-Day LinkedIn Marketing Challenge Part 2

Day 28

Audit Your LinkedIn Marketing

Time for a self-audit. Assess your LinkedIn profile and content with a keen eye. Check out this article about building your conversion funnel on LinkedIn. Make pointers about what you learned and how you’d like to implement the information. It’s so important to see how your efforts are paying off so you can tweak your strategy and continue your progress.

Day 29

Turn a Comment into a Post

You’ve been leaving awesome comments on LinkedIn. Today, turn one of them into a post. You can copy the exact comment you made on someone else’s profile and publish it as a post or add a new layer to it. Your comments deserve more visibility — turn them into a post and start a conversation.

Day 30

Create a Plan and Strategy

Now you’ve got momentum. It’s time to take this forward. Learn more deeply about the buyer’s journey on LinkedIn. How do clients look for freelance writers on LinkedIn?

AND… congratulations, you’ve crossed the finish line on your first 30-day LinkedIn marketing challenge. But LinkedIn marketing isn’t a sprint; it’s a marathon. So keep going! Create a sustainable LinkedIn marketing plan you can implement even when your plate is full.


I’d love to hear your thoughts on this challenge. Feel free to comment below or reach out to me on LinkedIn.