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Build Your B2B Writing Business with Evergreen Content

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Content that remains relevant over time does not have an expiration date — it’s “evergreen.” It will therefore end up bringing your writing business more ROI (Return on Investment). Seasonal content tailored for the winter or around the holidays, for example, might grab attention momentarily. And content that’s in the news now will likely not be trending in the months and years ahead. But evergreen content is like the unsung hero. It’s a long-term asset that consistently attracts interest.

Benefits of Evergreen Content 

Because you want to generate traffic to your business for the long run, you need to play the long game. Yes, you might temporarily score big by capitalizing on an upcoming event or the latest trend. But you’ll see more consistent results by producing lasting content.

Here’s how evergreen content benefits you:

  • You’re driving prospects through the funnel and to your site.
  • You’re improving your ranking on search engines.
  • You’re getting valuable backlinks which builds your authority as a leader.
  • You’re increasing your credibility as this type of content is shared a lot on social media.
  • You’re bringing more eyeballs to your content, getting more leads and hopefully earning more sales.

HubSpot says evergreen content can generate up to 30% more traffic than other types of content. Having optimized evergreen content is therefore the way to go and a great foundation for long-term success.

Build Your B2B Writing Business with Evergreen Content
From Digital Marketing Institute


Types of Evergreen Content

Blogs are a great way to showcase evergreen content. Let’s say your niche is the pet industry. A blog post called “10 Tips on Hiring a Great Pet Writer,” for example, could bring a continuous stream of people to your website. (List-type blog posts are in the top five traffic magnets, too!)

Educating your audience — like marketing managers or pet-related business owners — on what makes a top-notch pet writer sets you up for a likely collaboration. After they learn what to look for and you’ve shown you’ve met all the criteria, hopefully they’ll call about hiring you!

Besides blogs, other great kinds of evergreen content you can put on your website and social media include:

How-to articles, e-book, guides, and tutorials: This type of content is a perpetual favorite as people always seek to learn more in-depth information about a topic. Tip: The more thorough and comprehensive this content is, the more it will be appreciated by your readers and boost your SEO.

FAQs and glossaries: Tap into common queries that reveal your clients’ pain points. Also consider including a glossary of industry terms. Both these assets stand the test of time, barely changing over the years.

Case studies and industry resources: Testimonials and case studies are fundamental marketing tools that give evidence of your ability to find solutions to your clients’ problems. They remain evergreen. If anything, you just accrue more of them.

Industry resources (insights about the industry or overview of major product releases in your industry’s history) don’t require much updating either. Resources like this help prove your expertise and set you apart as a thought leader.

Crafting Evergreen Content

It’s fairly easy to create this type of content.

  1. The first topics to write up? Use what your customers have already asked you about.
  2. You might then brainstorm with ChatGPT for more topics.
  3. Choose timeless topics that will remain pertinent.
  4. Sprinkle in appropriate keywords to reach your intended audience most effectively.
  5. Avoid jargon and use simple, friendly language.
  6. Highlight these pieces as pillar content, maybe on your homepage’s sidebar. Don’t let them get buried.
  7. Update statistics and refresh content while keeping each blog post’s core intact.
  8. Amp up visuals. Tweak, add more images, a video, or an infographic.

Promoting Evergreen Content 

While evergreen content provides companies with a sturdy base and long-term value, definitely mix in newsy and trendy content, too. Just rely on enduring and sustainable work as your mainstay.

Promote your content on social media and wherever your clients hang out. Repurpose your pieces as you normally would to reach even more folks.

Neil Patel, a Forbes Top 10 Marketer says, “Evergreen content is the backbone of any successful content marketing strategy. It’s the kind of content that will continue to drive traffic long after it’s been published, and it’s the kind of content that will continue to be relevant to your audience for years to come.” Its ability to consistently draw traffic and stay relevant makes it a must-have in your content arsenal.