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5 Truths about B2B I Wish I Knew Before Going Freelance

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“Follow the money.”

To some people, it sounds shallow, but to me it’s been a crucial business decision.

You see, when I went full-time freelance 18 months ago, I didn’t set out to become a B2B copywriter.

I was looking to work with meaningful companies… companies who could pay me well for my skills.

It took a lot of experimentation with different types of clients, but after several months, it hit me:

“All my best-paying clients are B2B.”

My B2B clients were able to pay my fees…

They were more organized and less chaotic…

And they needed a lot more of my services!

Without even meaning to, I’d become a B2B copywriter.

B2B Is Still Underrated

Many freelancers miss out on the B2B opportunity simply because they don’t understand it.

I’d heard about B2B, but it sounded less exciting than my work with B2C clients.

So if you’re thinking about jumping into B2B, here are five truths about B2B that should encourage you to go for it.

Truth #1: B2B is a Gold Mine for Freelancers

 B2B companies hire freelancers and pay them professional rates *all the time.* And it’s truly an exciting, lucrative opportunity for freelancers.


B2B has a longer sales cycle: The sales cycle in B2B companies is often longer and more complex than in B2C. This means B2B brands often need lots of strategic content.

B2B uses written content: B2B brands tend to use large volumes of written content and copy. While they may use video, they probably won’t rely on platforms like Instagram and TikTok to sell their products or services.

B2B needs higher quality: B2B companies often require a more professional, data-driven approach. This means content takes more time and research to create — freelancers to the rescue!

In other words, B2B is a perfect specialization for freelance copywriters. There’s a true need for freelancers who can provide quality writing services. 

Truth #2: B2B Companies Can Be Exciting

For some freelancers, B2B signals “boring.” And so they stay away from Business-to-Business marketing.

But in reality, cool B2B brands are all over the place! If you’ve ever come across Miro, Slack, or MailChimp, you’ve seen B2B brands with some great, fun branding.

It also turns out many B2B companies are “mission-driven,” doing great work for their communities or the environment.

If you keep your eye out for them, you can find all sorts of exciting, interesting B2B companies to work with.

Truth #3: Not All B2B Clients Are Equal

Not all B2B clients can pay you premium fees. In B2C, different clients have different budgets and resources. It’s the same in B2B — they come in all shapes and sizes.

This means that becoming a “B2B copywriter” isn’t enough. It helps to have a specific industry or sector you’re targeting, so you can target your ideal clients.

Truth #4: You Don’t Need to Be an “Expert” in Your Niche

This one took me a while to learn.

Just because you’re writing for a tech company, doesn’t mean you have to be a tech expert. Just because you’re writing for a medical company, doesn’t mean you have to be a medical expert!

Of course, expertise and experience certainly help — and you’ll build them over time.

But often, you’ll be working with a company’s in-house experts. You’ll be bringing your marketing and writing skillset and matching it with their subject matter expertise.

Combine that with a good dose of curiosity and willingness to learn, and you can specialize in practically any industry you want.

Truth #5: B2B Clients Are People, Too

While we can debate the nuances of B2B vs. B2C, ultimately, we have to remember that we’re marketing to people.

This means that when approaching prospects… or writing marketing materials… we need to remember the human who will interact with your content.

If your content is dry and stilted, it might not resonate with them.

But if it satisfies their business AND personal needs, they will be able to connect with your copy.  

Keep this in mind, and you’ll be far ahead of many other freelance copywriters out there.

Now’s the Time to Break into B2B

It’s clear to me that B2B is a fantastic place for freelance copywriters.

So, if you’re trying to break into B2B, no need to wait — just get started, and you’ll start making progress.

But once you break into B2B, how do you move from that first B2B client to bigger, better clients? That’s exactly what we’ll tackle in our next installment.